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Skillet Taco Cauliflower Rice

This is a super healthy recipe that my husband just loved. It’s really tasty. If you’re a fan of tacos, cauliflower, or rice, I would recommend that you try it. Have any of you tried to make this recipe? I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

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Chicken Cashew Salad

This was a great dish for me and my husband. It was very quick and easy to make, and I am definitely a fan. Do you like chicken cashew salad? I’d love to hear your opinions about this recipe. It’s definitely something I’m interested in!

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Lentil Soup

This is a great meal for a weeknight as it’s healthy and doesn’t take long to make. My husband and I really enjoyed it. I would definitely encourage all of you to try it. What do you think? Do any of you like lentil soup? It’s one of my favorite things.

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Shrimp Verde

This is an amazing shrimp recipe. It’s great for when you just want something easy and fast and you’re a fan of shrimp! I’ve always loved seafood, myself. What about you guys? What are your thoughts on shrimp? Have you ever tried to make shrimp verde? Tell me more about it!

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Skillet Texas Sheet Cake

This is SO DELICIOUS. Oh my God, my husband LOVED this. We went through it in two days! If you like sheet cake, I would definitely recommend this one. Do it! You won’t regret it!

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