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Atlanta Cooks

Atlanta Cooks at Home

Top Atlanta chefs share menus for home entertaining for every occasion in Atlanta Cooks at Home.

From Gerry Klaskala’s lobster minestrone to Kevin Rathbun’s oregano roasted lamb loin, the chefs have shared their favorite dishes for serving guests at home and John David Harmon from Whole Foods Market has suggested appropriate wines, beers or cocktails for each menu.

Whether it’s a Southern Evening Soiree, Day of the Dead Fiesta, Romantic Dinner for Two, or merely a Sunday Dinner with Friends, you’ll find recipes and drink pairings just right for your gathering.

In addition to sharing recipes, the chefs have given rare glimpses into their “real” lives. Through photography and Q&A, you’ll find chefs who like to skateboard with their children, throw Frisbees with their dogs, and one who rides his bike for hours every morning. Find out what they wanted to be when they were young – and what they would do if they won the lottery.

Entertain at home with recipes from your favorite Atlanta chefs while they entertain you with stories from their lives.

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